DAILY  ME – From my (not official) diary 15.05.2018 TIMING Sometimes a present really comes at the best possible time. Suppose, even though it is already May, you still haven't got your energy and vitality back after the long winter months. Perhaps things haven't been working out so well in your job either. Then suddenly, [...]

Book recommendation​ – The Why Cafe

#thewhycafe #johnstrelecky #bookrecommandation #beatrixkochbooks The Why Cafe - The inspirational bestseller by John Strelecky The book is a really short one, I only found it in the bookshop because it was recommended by the staff and because there was a red «Spiegel Bestseller» sticker on the cover. The backside of the book tells us that [...]


#winter #switzerland #snow Wintertime Foggy, white winter scenery in Switzerland. Northern winds and the cold, chilly weather bring rigid, small snowflakes. Fog and white light can be seen everywhere. The tiny flakes flap harshly in your face, but they are hardly visible: you have to look for them carefully. They are falling wearilessly. Cold feels [...]